My projects
NextJS | MongoDB


A web app dedicated to commenting on how full the gyms on UChicago campus are. Leave a comment denoting the level of fullness, if basketball hoops are available, and any other things worth mentioning.

Hosted on Vercel
ReactJS | Firebase


A web app simulating shuffling a hand of five cards. Click shuffle to generate a hand, and search through previous shuffles to find a match!

Hosted on Heroku
A-frame | Javascript

VR Art Gallery

A VR art gallery hosting pieces generated by machine learning models. Explore the 3d space to see art displayed in a way impossible in real life.

Hosted on Github Pages
p5.js |


A tranquil collaborative canvas where you can scribble to your hearts content. Use arrow keys to move, and spacebar to save the image! Have your friends join in to watch the sockets at work!

Hosted on Heroku